GoK pushing SW Railway for local trains within Bengaluru, BENGALURU: Sept 26, 2010
The future of road safety in India, BENGALURU: Apr 8, 2014
No escaping the station upgrades, Bengaluru’s explosive, unbridled growth on its chaotic periphery has brought the outlying railway stations in sharp focus. Neglected for ages, virtually abandoned by the development brigade, these stations are now in desperate need of a hyper upgrade. As the city waits endlessly for a robust suburban rail network, shouldn’t Bengalureans at least have these critical rail heads in working order?, BENGALURU: Dec 20, 2015
Get off road, take fast train to office, Doubling Yeshwantpur-Hosur line, increasing DEMU trains can decongest roads to IT hubs, BENGALURU:  Dec 24, 2015
Why Bengaluru residents pushed govt to back off on ‘VIP steel flyover’, BENGALURU: Jul 04, 2016
Steel flyover protests: Is Bengaluru seeing the kind of citizens’ mobilisation Delhi saw in 2011?, BENGALURU, Nov 3, 2016
Citizens board trains to ask for ‘Chukubuku’, BENGALURU: Dec 19, 2016
Foothpaths so pedestrian!, BENGALURU: March 19, 2017
Skywalks of inaccessibility, BENGALURU: Apr 9, 2017
Karnataka’s new zoning rules silent on violations, lack clarity, BENGALURU: Jul 20, 2017


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